Low cost 7.0" and 8.0" TFT modules

The new series of 7.0” and 8.0” TFT modules are designed as low cost products with a lot of interesting features such as TCON onboard.
This smart and yet low cost design was possible by using special gate and source ICs from Himax. The TCON is already integrated in the source IC.


Quick Facts:

7.0" TFT modules (TM070RBH10 and TM070RDH11)
Diagonal: 7.0”
Resolution: 800x480 dots
Interface: RGB 24 bits
TCON: onboard
Touch screen: optional
Gamma voltages: onboard

8.0" TFT module (TM080SDH01)
Diagonal: 8.0”
Resolution: 800x600 dots
Interface: RGB 24 bits
TCON: onboard
Gamma voltages: onboard

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